Then the leader

Then the leader Rules At first all participants become in a circle and play in volleyball.

Then the leader speaks It is time to sleep!


In total players have to occupy empty houses.

The Leader has to watch, that participants did not push each other, trying to release About houses.

about The player to whom did not get at home, leaves from ig ry.

Thus one circle is erased.

At a lichna and Borobm of an igryrybaka and small fishes The stock is absent.

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Explain, what

Explain, what Andrey crookedly grinned, having remembered, as mother shouted That, shepherd.

Over my dead body!

Someone pushed Andrey sideways, and he is instant sreagiro shaft it was developed and stuck into the answer with a fist.

Thin boy wearing spectacles swept on pass.

So, we start dismissing fists noticed Vozhe thawing.

Explain, what is the matter?

Itself got, here and received Andrey muttered.

The thin boy rose and silently got up near An tray.

Boys, sit down on the places and immediately reconcile tes the guide ordered.

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Well, they're doing. Yes, but we should

Well, they're doing. Yes, but we should Of course!

If to take them separately, all the examples and methods could would transmit them differently.

Let there are lots of cars and airplanes, and other Guia dresses and dolls.

Well, they're doing.

Yes, but we should go in line with what they are used to.

This way, you develop human and not make him something perverse and mehanicheskoe Human development from to It turns out that the idea is to let them grow, according their inclinations.

And we find that their interests are, in essence, natural for theM. And this is not something our current prejudices.

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Description Material.

cards on which the rough are put Pukva; big wooden tray.

Description to lead round a letter a finger, then to repeat it the movement in air, on a tray with sand semolina; karanda shy on a sheet of paper.

To define a letter to the touch with are closed mi eyes.

To place letters in alphabetical order.

Sosta to twist syllables, simple words.

The picture the word with x years Purposes ability to compare the picture with the word; intuitiv Nov reading with attempt of the judgment read.

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People suffering

People suffering We must find a way to explain that the methodology of integral education is designed to fill the desire of a man and give him the filling, that he desires.

People suffering from depression wants this to the floor which he does not like lies.

Today, more people use drugs, drugs, alcohol to suppress depression, but soon they will come to such a state, when not able to take these substitutes, they repel them as Livia Part two Just today psychologists quite clear that drug or alcohol gaismu usually preceded by severe depression.

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